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Building Confidence, Achieving Equity: A Call to Action for Open Source Communities

Jordan, Kari

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  "description": "<p>Training for data skills is more critical now than ever before. In the past decade, we&rsquo;ve seen the creation of certification and graduate programs for data science, as well as a plethora of interactive, self-paced online learning platforms. Today&rsquo;s learners are often learning on the job and need the flexibility of short, or self-paced learning experiences. Research results, however, stress the importance of guided instruction and learner-instructor interaction.</p>\n\n<p>Building confidence to work with data requires a distinctive approach. Combining the power of guided instruction with the flexibility of short, focused learning experiences has the potential to achieve equity among open source community practitioners.</p>\n\n<p>This talk explores factors that have increased skills and confidence coding practices. Implications and growth opportunities for building confidence and achieving equity and open source are also explored.</p>", 
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    "Imposter Syndrome", 
    "Data Skills"
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  "name": "Building Confidence, Achieving Equity:  A Call to Action for Open Source Communities"
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