Dataset Open Access


Adrian Schröter

Overview of Data

1) Eclipse- 2 files: a CVS repo dump, and a MySQL DB of Bugzilla bugs for Eclipse

repo: eclipse-cvs.tgz (6.1GB)

Bugzilla: eclipsebugs.sql.gz (424MB)

2) Netbeans- 2 files: a MERCURIAL repo dump and a MySQL DB of Bugzilla bugs for Netbeans

repo: netbeans.mercurial.tar.gz (2.1GB)

Bugzilla: netbeansbugs.sql.gz (4.6GB)

3) Mozilla- 7 files: a CVS repo dump form all versions UP TO version 1.9.x, a MERCURIAL repo dump of all versions AFTER 1.9.x, and a zip file of HTML-formatted bug reports which is split into five parts.

CVS though 1.9.x: (1GB)

MERCURIAL after 1.9.x: mozilla.mercurial.tar.gz (372MB)

HTML bug reports: (12GB total):

4) Chrome- 2 files, a SVN repo dump, and HTML-formatted bug reports

SVN repo:

HTML bug reports:

Files (47.2 GB)
Name Size md5:eec88f0e71ac81e5ed8100eb5ef4d0ff 47.2 GB Download


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