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ranghetti/sen2r: Version 1.0.2

Luigi Ranghetti; Lorenzo Busetto; aceresi

Changes in default argument values

  • the default running order is now "by groups" instead than "step by step": this ensures best computing speed and improves the management of disk usage, although it is not possible to see all the output messages in standard output (to see them, it is necessary to redirect them in a log file).
  • cloud masks: "cloud_low_proba" is not yet available in the GUI (if is still a valid argument value for compatibility), and "cloud_and_shadow" now includes class "unclassified". This in order to include "unclassified" only in "conservative" mask values, and to exclude it in non-conservative ones.
Edits in the GUI
  • add commands to manage parallelisation and running order (with documentation)
  • add button to export output messages in a log file
  • add MathML code for some custom spectral indices
New dependencies
  • httr: a change in wget available version for Windows (1.20.3 instead than 1.19.4) caused the old link to break; moreover, downloading wget using the new link was not possible with download.file() due to a redirect. So, httr dependency was introduced, and downlod of wget, aria2 and sen2cor is now performed with GET function.
  • dplyr: the internal function tiles_intersects() now perform dissolve operations over polygons of S2 tiles using dplyr commands (group_by() and summarise()).
Minor improvements
  • check the list of parameters whenever it is loaded
Various fixes

(see issues)

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