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An Information Ecology for Sustainable Agriculture

Raturi, Ankita; Mirsky, Steven; Reberg-Horton, Chris

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  "description": "<p>Feeding 10 billion people by 2050 will require transformative changes to our food production systems<sup>1, 2</sup>. Climate change<sup>3-6</sup>, water scarcity and urban demand<sup>7</sup>, herbicide-resistant weeds<sup>8</sup>, and declining soil<sup>9</sup> and water quality<sup>10,11</sup> are increasing crop production risks, lowering yields, and negatively impacting the environment. The increased use of sustainable agricultural practices &nbsp;such as reduced-tillage<sup>12</sup>, diversified crop rotations<sup>13</sup>, and integrated weed management especially through incorporation of cover crops<sup>14</sup>, are necessary to achieve this goal. However, farmers repeatedly cite management complexity and a need for site- and system-specific information to overcome the barriers to adoption<sup>15, 16</sup>. Sustainable agriculture thus demands precision tools to account for genetic and environmental nuances in complex, adaptive, agricultural systems, while simultaneously responding to the social, technological, and economic contexts of farming.</p>\n\n<p><em>Precision Sustainable Agriculture</em><sup>17</sup> uses a data-driven and human-centered approach to the research and development of on-farm monitoring tools, cloud-based, information management tools for large-scale agricultural research projects, decision support tools for agriculture data stakeholders, and modeling and analysis tools for use in sustainable agriculture. We are laying the foundation of an information ecology<sup>18</sup> for sustainable agriculture: a system of tools, data, methods, and actors to maximize farm productivity, profitability, and sustainability.</p>\n\n<p>References:</p>\n\n<ol>\n\t<li>Liu J, Folberth C, Yang H, R\u00f6ckstr\u00f6m J, Abbaspour K, Zehnder AJB. 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      "affiliation": "USDA Agricultural Research Service", 
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      "name": "Raturi, Ankita"
      "affiliation": "USDA Agricultural Research Service", 
      "@type": "Person", 
      "name": "Mirsky, Steven"
      "affiliation": "North Carolina State University", 
      "@type": "Person", 
      "name": "Reberg-Horton, Chris"
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  "datePublished": "2017-06-08", 
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  "keywords": [
    "information ecology", 
    "sustainable agriculture", 
    "cover crops", 
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  "name": "An Information Ecology for Sustainable Agriculture"
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