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FIGURE 8 in Two new Bent-toed Geckos of the Cyrtodactylus pulchellus complex from Peninsular Malaysia and multiple instances of convergent adaptation to limestone forest ecosystems

Grismer, L. Lee; Wood, Perry L.; Anuar, Shahrul; Grismer, Marta S.; Quah, Evan S. H.; Murdoch, Matthew L.; Muin, Mohd Abdul; Davis, Hayden R.; Aguilar, César; Klabacka, Randy; Cobos, Anthony J.; Aowphol, Anchalee; Sites, Jack W.

FIGURE 8. Limestone forest adapted species from the Thai-Malay peninsula (right and center columns) compared to granite forest and forest adapted species (left column) illustrating the overall drab coloration of the former compared to the more vibrant color patterns of the latter (C. sharkari, bottom, center column being the exception). Left hand column: upper—Cyrtodactylus astrum LSUDPC 5710 from Gua Wang Burma, Perlis, Peninsular Malaysia; upper middle—C. lekaguli LSUDPC 9783 from Phang-nga, Phang-nga Province, Thailand; lower middle—C. gunungsenyumensis LSUDPC 9480 from Hutan Lipur Gunung Senyum, Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia; lower—C. hidupselamanya LSUDPC 9505 from Felda Chiku 7, Kelantan, Peninsular Malaysia. Middle column: upper—C. guakanthanensis LSUDPC 8072 from Gua Kanthan, Perak, Peninsular Malaysia; upper middle—C. langkawiensis LSUDPC 5195 from Wat Wanaram, Pulau Langkawi, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia; lower middle—C. metropolis LSUDPC 8081 from Batu Caves, Selangor, Peninsular Malaysia; lower—C. sharkari LSUDPC 7949 from Gua Gunting, Merapoh, Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia. Right hand column: upper—C. trilatofasciatus LSUDPC 6432 from Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia; upper middle—C. macrotuberculatus LSUDPC 1461 from Gunung Raya, Pulau Langkawi, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia; lower middle—C. bintangtinggi LSUDPC 4241 from Bukit Larut, Perak, Peninsular Malaysia; lower—C. bintangrendah LSUDPC 8550 from Sungai Enam, Belum, Perak, Peninsular Malaysia.

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