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In Leon's company, it seemed that anything might be possible

Quigg, Chris

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  title        = {{In Leon's company, it seemed that anything might 
                   be possible}},
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  note         = {{Leon Lederman was an early and vigorous advocate 
                   for the "Truly National Laboratory," realized as
                   the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in
                   Batavia, Illinois. He led a series of influential
                   experiments at the new laboratory that culminated
                   in the discovery of the Upsilon particles, bound
                   states of a new fifth quark, b, and its
                   antiparticle. Lederman served as Fermilab's
                   director from 1978 to 1989, a decisive period for
                   the construction of the Tevatron superconducting
                   synchrotron and its exploitation as a
                   proton–antiproton collider. This talk will focus
                   on Leon's time as Director and his contributions
                   to Fermilab's science and spirit.}},
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