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ropensci/qualtRics: qualtRics v3.1.0

Jasper Ginn; Julia Silge; Samuel Kaminsky; Phoebe Wong; Eric Knudsen; jmobrien; Michael W. Kearney; Maëlle Salmon; Daniel

  • New maintainer: Julia Silge
  • Add all previous contributors to DESCRIPTION as ctb
  • Declare testthat dependency in DESCRIPTION (reason for previous archiving from CRAN)
  • Simpler approach for storing API credentials as environment variables with qualtrics_api_credentials() (registerOptions() is now soft deprecated with a warning)
  • Simplify README (keep all existing detailed workflow documentation in vignette)
  • Relicense from GPL-3 to MIT. See consent from authors here.
  • Improvements to documentation throughout
  • Renaming (with warnings on old versions) of key functions for clarity and reduction in confusion, plus improvements:
    • all_surveys() (from old version of getSurveys())
    • survey_questions() (from old version of getSurveyQuestions())
    • fetch_survey() (from old version of getSurvey())
    • read_survey() (from old version of readSurvey())

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