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BigDataGrapes D8.1 - Piloting Plan

Kasimati, Aikaterini; Fountas, Spyros; Anastasiou, Evangelos; Stavrakaki, Maritina; Schlenz, Florian; Parisi, Simone; Damasio, Coraline; Charleroy, Arnaud; Foufa, Eleni

The deliverable D8.1, “Piloting Plan”, aims to give a general scope of the activities that will be undertaken during the project lifetime under the pilots, a report documenting the plan for the development and execution of the pilots and the methodology and materials for the pilot trials. The objective of this deliverable is to provide, in the first part, generic guidelines to all the pilots that will constitute instantiations of the use cases that have already been identified in WP2. Updated versions of this deliverable, including refined piloting plans, are due to M15 and M24 of the project lifetime. Deliverable D8.1, “Piloting Plan”, is based on the individual plans of the following pilots: Table Grapes Pilot (AUA), Wine Making Pilot (INRA), Farm Management Pilot (ABACO & Geocledian), and Natural Cosmetics Pilot (APIGEA). This document reports tailored guidelines and concludes with a detailed overview of the planning for each of the four pilots. Information was directly provided by the pilot leaders to ensure the specificity of the guidelines and the smooth progress of the operations. The document is structured as follows. Chapter 1 serves as an introduction to the deliverable whereas Chapter 2 provides an overview of the four piloting plans containing important information regarding them, in order to describe the importance of these pilot trials and the methodology and materials that will be used. Each of these pilot plans is separated in four sections: the introduction and its specific goals, the technical guidelines and methodology to be used, the measurements to be performed and the envisaged outcomes. The introduction describes the importance of the pilot trials proposed and contains information to clearly identify why the pilot is being conducted and what the pilot is intended to accomplish, along with any assumptions being made. In the technical guidelines section, the site description where the pilot trials will take place, the equipment and methods used, along with a detailed description of all resources necessary to fully conduct the pilot, and the expected timeline are included. Finally, the envisaged outcomes part constitutes a description of how the collected data and datasets will be used to operate in favour of the BigDataGrapes project. Chapter 3 illustrates the connection of the pilots to the use cases identified in WP2 and Chapter 4 contains the conclusions regarding the pilot planning.

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