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BigDataGrapes D8.2 - Experimental Protocols and Evaluation Methodology

Fountas, Spyros; Psiroukis, Vasileios; Stavrakaki, Maritina; Schlenz, Florian; Parisi, Simone; Damasio, Coraline; Charleroy, Arnaud; Foufa, Eleni

The deliverable D8.2, “Experimental Protocols and Evaluation Methodology”, aims to define the experimental
protocols and specify the evaluation methodologies that will be activated for each measurement during the
execution of the application pilots. A report describing the experiments to be conducted and their
parameters, along with the methodology for assessing the results of the experiments in accordance with the
piloting plan. In conjunction with the activities of D8.1 “Piloting Plan”, the objective of this deliverable is to
provide, in the first part, the experimental protocols to all the pilots, which will constitute instantiations of the
use cases already been identified in WP2, and their evaluation methodologies. An updated version of this
deliverable, including refined experimental protocols and evaluation methodologies, is due in M24 of the
project lifetime.

Deliverable D8.2, “Experimental Protocols and Evaluation Methodology”, is based on the individual
experimental protocols and evaluation methodologies of the following pilots: Table and Wine Grapes Pilot
(AUA), Wine Making Pilot (INRA), Farm Management Pilot (ABACO & Geocledian), and Natural Cosmetics Pilot
(Symbeeosis). This document reports a detailed overview of the individual experimental protocols and
evaluation methodologies for each of the four pilots. Information was directly provided by the pilot leaders to
ensure the specificity of the guidelines, the smooth progress and evaluation of the measurements to be

This deliverable is to be periodically updated to take account of additional protocols and methodologies,
measurements and data adopted during the project’s lifetime. This is the 1st version of the deliverable D8.2.

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