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Experimental data and benchmarks used in the paper "Theoretical Foundations for Structural Symmetries of Lifted PDDL Tasks"

Sievers, Silvan; Röger, Gabriele; Wehrle, Martin; Katz, Michael

This dataset contains both benchmarks and data used in the paper.

PDDL benchmark files can be found in the files benchmarks.tar.gz and
bagged-benchmarks.tar.gz. The former contains all domains from all IPCs from the
repository, without duplicate
domains that have been used in multiple IPCs. The latter contains the subset of
these tasks for which the reformulation in the "bagged representation" from the
following paper succeeded:

Riddle, P.; Douglas, J.; Barley, M.; and Franco, S. 2016. Improving
performance by reformulating PDDL into a bagged representation.
In ICAPS 2016 Workshop on Heuristics and Search for Domain-
independent Planning, 28–36.

We obtained the implementation of the baggy reformluation from the authors.

All other files in this dataset contain raw and processed data of all
experiments, which were generated using Downward-Lab (see The scripts used to run the experiments
can be found in the software bundle for this paper (see

Directories without the "-eval" ending contain raw data, distributed over a
subdirectory for each experiment. Each of these contain a subdirectory tree
structure "runs-*" where each planner run has its own directory. For each run,
there are symbolic links to the input PDDL files domain.pddl and problem.pddl
(can be resolved by putting the benchmarks directory to the right place), the
run log file "run.log" (stdout), possibly also a run error file "run.err"
(stderr), the run script "run" used to start the experiment, and a "properties"
file that contains data parsed from the log file(s). Some directories (not for
the ground experiments, where these files got too large) also contain a file that contain all symmetry group generators in permutation

Directories with the "-eval" ending contain a "properties" file, which contains
a JSON directory with combined data of all runs of the corresponding
experiment. In essence, the properties file is the union over all properties
files generated for each individual planner run.

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