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Innovative management of the refugee integration model through self-employment

Nur Akarcay, Yeliz; Ochoa-Daderska, Renata

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  "description": "<p>The objective of this Project is to find a digital tool that solves some of the important needs of youth refugees, contributing to the well-being and integration of them in Europe.&nbsp; The design of the project has been based on a previous diagnosis of each partner Institution.&nbsp; This study has allowed us to identify the strengths and the needs of our entities to be able to help refugees, prioritizing those that can be covered by one of the partners through the exchange of good practices.</p>", 
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  "creator": [
      "affiliation": "Saricam", 
      "@type": "Person", 
      "name": "Nur Akarcay, Yeliz"
      "affiliation": "Instytut Bada\u0144 i Innowacji w Edukacji", 
      "@id": "", 
      "@type": "Person", 
      "name": "Ochoa-Daderska, Renata"
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  "datePublished": "2019-03-29", 
  "version": "1", 
  "keywords": [
    "Young Refugees", 
    "Exchange of good practices"
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  "@type": "Book", 
  "name": "Innovative management of the refugee integration model through self-employment"
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