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Scalable performance measurement infrastructure for parallel codes (Score-P)

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The Score-P measurement infrastructure is a highly scalable and easy-to-use tool suite for profiling, event tracing, and online analysis of HPC applications. Score-P offers the user a maximum of convenience by supporting a number of analysis tools. Currently, it works with Periscope, Scalasca, Vampir, and Tau and is open for other tools. Score-P comes together with the new Open Trace Format Version 2, the Cube4 profiling format and the Opari2 instrumenter.

Score-P is available under the 3-clause BSD Open Source license.

Version 5.0 adds the following major features:

  • Orphan thread support: Score-P now records events from POSIX threads that were not instrumented, e.g., threads created from std::thread, Intel TBB, Intel Cilk Plus, or any other runtime which is based on POSIX threads.
  • Cartesian topologies support, which includes MPI cartesian topologies via MPI_Cart_create, Platform/Hardware specific topologies on IBM Blue Gene/Q machines and K Computer, generic 2D Process x Threads topologies, and user-defined topologies via the user instrumentation API.


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