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GMOD/Apollo: Release Candidate 1 - Apollo2.0.6(JB#9334e76fd)

Nathan Dunn; Colin Diesh; Deepak; S2KFan; GreggHelt2; Robert Buels; Monica Munoz-Torres; Eric Rasche; Stephen Ficklin; Justin Reese; NehaVC; Anthony Bretaudeau; Jun-Wei Lin; childers; The Gitter Badger; Kim Rutherford; Aymeric Naômé

Apollo 2.0.6 Release Candidate 1 (testing only)

Some of the new features include:

  • Numerous UI and performance improvements including an additional icon to show the native track panel.

Some important bug fixes:

  • Transcripts of pseudogenes should NOT have the word 'transcript' or other type in the name.
  • Problems loading list of Tracks when switching organisms on slower connection.

The complete change log can be found at:

Please review the documentation pages for more details:

Note: You can find a guide upgrading existing Apollo installations here:

Please open a GitHub issue if you find any problems:

Active mailing list ( and archive.

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