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scikit-hep/particle: 0.4.0

Eduardo Rodrigues; Henry Schreiner

  • Changes in API:
    • Rename Particle.from_search/from_search_list to Particle.find/findall.
    • Rename Particle.fullname/name to
    • Rename to Particle.is_name_barred.
    • Rename Particle.latex to Particle.latex_name.
  • Neutrinos added to the 2018 data files.
  • Better print-out of particle properties.
  • Better handling of particle names in HTML and LaTeX.
  • Better handling of Particle.empty().
  • Test suite of particle and pdgid submodules improved and extended.
  • Comprehensive package documentation (data files, particle and pdgid submodules).
  • Added utility conversion function of particle names from LaTeX to HTML.
  • Fixed LaTeX names of Delta(1232) baryons in data\pdgid_to_latex.csv file.
  • Several bug fixes.
  • Simpler usage of particle.particle.convert (non-public helper module).

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