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Research Culture Change, One Grant at a Time

Grigorov, Ivo; Brinken, Helene; Cancelieri, Matteo; Carvalho, Jose Carona; Davidson, Joy; Donnelly, Martin; Franck, Gwen; Jones, Sarah; Kalaitzi, Vasso; Knoth, Petr; Kuchma, Iryna; Pontika, Nancy; Principe, Pedro; Rettberg, Najla; Rodrigues, Eloy; Schmidt, Birgitte

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  note         = {{Poster presentation and invited talk at 
                   International Open Science Conference OSC19,
                   Berlin, 19-20 March 2019.   All co-authors listed
                   contributed to essential discussions that ensured
                   maturity of concepts underpinning the Clinique.
                   Author list is alphabetical order. Testing of the
                   Clinique and impact evidence gathering was
                   performed by IG.}},
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