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Soil Science – Science of Past, Present and Future

Teoharov, Metodi

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  "description": "<p>The present study includes a detailed analysis on the past, present and future of the soil science in the Bulgaria and over the world. Soil science entered in the cycle of scientific discipline serving practice when in 1883 the famous Russian scientist V.V.Dokuchaev established regularities of soil formation. Since then it has emerged as an important branch of biological science and it has become a science of undoubtedly great for public importance. There are different periods how it was developed in Bulgaria and it the rest of the world. In third period is examined Vernadski&quot;s concept of the Noosphere and relationship with soil science and how &bdquo;&quot;the thoughtful layer of the planet&rdquo; can repairs the consequences of the Technosphere and Anthropocentris.</p>", 
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  "datePublished": "2017-10-05", 
  "headline": "Soil Science \u2013 Science of Past, Present and Future", 
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    "Soil science, development, periods, world schools, FAO-classification, WRBSR, Noosphere, Technosphere and Anthropocentris."
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  "name": "Soil Science \u2013 Science of Past, Present and Future"
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