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Journal article Open Access

The Origin of Consciousness in the Universe.

Dr. Narayan Kumar Bhadra

Abstract: We study a series of new energy sources of the Gaussian energy group SU(6), SU(12), SU(24), ….etc. called intelligences which created consciousness and which are responsible for the creation of everything of this universe. The effective quantity and quality of the consciousness of the earth-like planet where living elements were found depends on environment and place of position within the galaxy or cluster or super cluster etc. & mechanical structure of the planet. The said energy sources created consciousness within the living cell and also controlled the whole universe with the symmetry breaking of the energy group SU(11) [ SU(6)  SU(5)  U(1)]; SU(23); SU(47);…… etc. In the living body, generally consciousness controlled by the self gravitational force of the energy group SU(6) and plays with biological revolution. But consciousness level of any living body including human group and also inanimate objects is particularly controlled by SU(12), SU(24), ….etc. We examine the quantum measurement, using the Wheeler DeWitt wave equation over the complex space-time R + iRI of (4+D) dimensions, where D is an extra dimensions. We know that the quantum super-positions will continually be reaching the Di𝑜 si-Penrose (DP) threshold for Objective Reduction in nonbiological settings as well as in biological ones, and usually take place in the purely random environment of a quantum system under measurement through the symmetry breaking of the Generalized Gaussian Energy Group from infinity i.e. from Big-Rip singularity when RI →∞.

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