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Revised Standard Model of Physics and Origin of Biology

Dr. Narayan Kumar Bhadra

Abstract: We study with a new conception beyond the standard model physics and about the formation of biological molecules/atoms. Our physical universe appeared by a continuous symmetry breaking of the new energy sources from ‘Big Rip’ Singularity[i.e. when space-time(here we consider the square of the Einstein’s real space & time of the physical unfolded universe i.e., -R 2 )is infinity in another phase] to the “Super Unified Gaussian Energy Group SU(11)”(that means considering the Revised Standard Model of Physics) then GUT the “Unified Gaussian Energy Group SU(5)”[i.e., the present Standard Model of Physics], i.e. in a “Particular Physical Universe” (called a narrower universe) [there may be created several type of particular “ Physical Universe” in the ocean(filled with new energy sources explained details in my previous articles) of the wider universe which infinitely largest].These class of symmetry group starting from Big-Rip singularity where energy pressure and density exists[it was shown in my article “The Complex Quantum and Classical PseudoTachyonic Universe”, IOSR Journal of Mathematics (IOSR-JM) e-ISSN: 2278-5728,p-ISSN: 2319-765X, Volume 8, Issue 3 (Sep. - Oct. 2013), PP 15-32 www.iosrjournals.org)] and can be expressed mathematically(by using lie-algebra) as SU(5)  SU (3)  SU( 2)  U(1); SU(11)  SU (5)  SU( 6)  U(1); SU (23)  SU (12)  SU (11) U (1); SU (47)  SU(24)  SU (23)  U (1); ...........so on. Thus we assumed that our physical universe appeared by the continuous phase-like transition creating several new energies(compared as like Gas-Vapor-Liquid states) and actually unfolded with the symmetry breaking of the Super Unified Gaussian Energy Group SU(11) [ SU (6)  SU( 5)  U(1)]leaving with new energy sources SU(6), called latent energy groups as explained details in my previous articles, and SU(5) [ SU (3)  SU( 2)  U(1)], the Gaussian Unified Energy group (GUT) and the electrodynamics U(1), which are inevitable arises particles that have the characteristics of a magnetic monopole. Monopoles are highly stable particles and once created they are not destructible. And so they would survive as relics to the present epoch. Again our all experiments and measurements or truths/believes are mainly on the basis of “Standard Model of Physics” or “General Relativity Theory” that means any calculation or experiments made on the basis of matter universe(i.e., 4-dimensional universe where so called space-time-matter exists, although it is called real that means only for a particular purpose that counting for a complete matter body like physical universes, cluster, galaxies, stars, humans, lives, trees,…etc.) formed by the Unified Gaussian Energy Group SU(5), we called it’s a narrower universe i.e., a particular physical universe where expansion and contraction both may be occurred simultaneously within the speed of light for a particular observer and hence Lorentz transformation, Time dilation,…..etc. Violations may be occurred when we go beyond the “Standard Model of Physics” of SU(5) to the “Revised Standard Model of Physics” i.e., SU(11), thus outside the physical universe, in the case of the “Wider Universe” where the energy particles were found in another phase. We illustrate the scenario with an example that when water decomposed into Hydrogen and Oxygen, the character of water are Revised Standard Model of Physics and Origin of Biology DOI: 10.9790/4861-1101011240 www.iosrjournals.org 13 | Page that of the usual protons, neutrons,….etc or having much more new unknown particles (which are very much medical relevance for better and critical treatments) created other than Hadrons, Hyperons, Nucleons,…etc. of SU(5) and after then those unknown particles may gradually increasing their strengths like as increasing the atomic numbers of usual matter atoms and hence we may found heavy bio-molecular living matter atoms etc. and then created multiple bio-molecular cells combining with nonliving matter atoms. Thus living matters always created by the energies of the group of SU(6) together with all other atoms/elements/compound elements/mainly covalencecompounds….etc. which was formed only after the symmetry breaking of the nonliving matter energy groups of SU(5) as, encountered in condensed matter physics, e.g., in the description of the conduction electron sea, excitons, magnons, polarons, polaritons, etc. (Ashcroft & Mermin, 1976). This is very important in view of the potential importance of quantum effects in biology and in consciousness where not only are systems of many particles considered, but they function at high temperatures compared to those typically encountered in quantum physics then so called various kind of complex living cell bodies. It should right that the actual real time measurement or calculation counting from the symmetry breaking of the Super Unified Energy Group SU(11) instead of the symmetry breaking of the Unified Energy Group (GUT) of SU(5). For lives, the real time was measured in two halves first from the fertilization by their parents(actual counting of time started) and second from the birth till to the death, although for our age(time) calculations, we ignore the first half similarly for the real time calculations of our physical universe we ignore the first half that means from the symmetry breaking of SU(11)up to the next symmetry breaking of SU(5)[although material substances created by the Unified Gaussian Group SU(5) by the directions of SU(6) with a suitable situations when it is possible to create bio-molecules that means all then chemical elements created from hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon,…etc. and with heavier elements or compound elements created by the quarks were tightly binding with gluons etc. of SU(5), and thus inanimate particles are then ready for the creation of the animates particles that means the situation when we consider to produce biological molecules or other units like single live cell then gradually multiple cells with DNA/RNA pairs, chromosome pairs,….etc. where most of the organic compounds in which are mainly constructed by the co-valence compounds or compositions or constituted like polymers which are also tightly binding by theJk–bosons(latently)[details ofJk–bosons explained in my previous articles] of SU(6) and creating strong electromagnetic forces[in theory of SU(11) where the latent energy group of SU(6) are created so strong forces relatively the weak forces of SU(5)] (that means in comparison to the chemical elements or compounds elements of atoms/molecules etc. which are constructed by the quarks binding with gluons ….etc. are weaker than some of the unknown new particles formed by the quarks-likes binding withJk–bosons) or creating a strong current SU(6) in the frame-work of SU(6)  U(1) like the weak force SU(2) created a weak current in the frame-work of SU(2)  U(1) are ready to dynamical situations within the living matters or cells or lives. Our physical universe expanded up to Big-Break singularity like by the directional commands with the energy group SU(6)[by exchanging 30-number of bosons of SU(6) into the 30-number of bosons of SU(5) or vice-versa by exchanging the J-bosons of SU(11)] created like so called consciousness together with all other leaving new energy sources SU(12), SU(24),…..etc. Thus we may be assumed that consciousness is not only in animates but also for inanimate (where quarks are tightly binding by the gluons forming protons, neutrons, electrons,…. etc. for nonliving matters) for which unfolded in a suitable situations like earth(where quark-like particles are tightly binding by theJk–bosons of SU(6) for living matters) and the created residue unknown new particles other than usual particles (that means as like protons, neutrons, electrons,…..etc. which are formed by quarks with gluons) are always remained within the living and nonliving elements or compound elements or covalence compounds or polymers…..etc. as quantum gravity and everywhere which are called as vacant spaces within our universe. The above mentioned processes are always occurred continuously in the wider universe which is infinitely larges with other new energy sources. Hence in quantum theories of consciousness, it is suggested that consciousness is a fundamental property of the universe. Energies of SU(6) created quantum gravity as well as gravitational forces which are required for the formation of a complete body with definite shape for living and nonliving matter bodies, like stars with its planets,…. etc. and living bodies with its parts,…. etc. and then so called vacant spaces are properly filled with the strong new forces of SU(6) around us and also formed like living cells with organic and inorganic elements or compounds…. etc. mainly constructed by the chemical co-valence compounds (carbon based like in earth, another planet may be silicon based etc., because carbon and silicon belongs to the same group in our periodic table) that means which Revised Standard Model of Physics and Origin of Biology DOI: 10.9790/4861-1101011240 www.iosrjournals.org 14 | Page are more flexible for creating several angled atomic bonds other than rigid crystal-likes and then it is bindings with cells may operated more easily than other rigid or crystal solid bodies of elements/compound elements and hence formed as biological cells by creating with polymerizations etc. and hence then cell-divisions etc. Within the biological cells SU(6) combining with all other several elements or compound elements with different ions which are created more different waves but coherently emerging as a single wave or wave functions. Thus in the bio-molecules/atoms etc. where all material parts created by the elements/atoms of the Unified Gaussian Energy Group (GUT) of SU(5) delivering behaviors like intelligence, consciousness, mind, emotions,…. etc. with the combinations of the new energy sources of SU(6),….etc. and also created an electromagnetic force or current within the brain cells i.e., microtubules by the latent energy group SU(6) creating an electromagnetic strong force in the framework of SU(6)  U(1) with producing new unknown particles in the living mode or nonliving mode.Thus for living bodies through ion channel constituted a flow of current throughout the body carrying with charges of free electron-likes etc. and also may be similar for the case in the universe where stars atmosphere like as brain cell……etc.(taking as centre point) always controlled the whole system for example our solar system etc. The created amount of material substances by SU(5)changing by the bosons of SU(6) are always fixed for a particular nonliving/living developing bodies and hence for expansive universe or for its parts of the system till for the compilation or stable shaped. Similarly, after a certain or fixed time (age) our living bodies started like contraction. Thus, always maintaining a common system like for universe /cluster/galaxy/star/planet/animal/…..etc. those are all controlled mainly by the same energy sources of SU(6), then by others like SU(12),SU(24),..…etc. with the combination of the strong force SU(3), weak force SU(2), & electrodynamics U(1) of SU(5).

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