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aubio/aubio: 0.4.9

Paul Brossier; Tintamar; Eduard Müller; Nils Philippsen; Tres Seaver; Hannes Fritz; cyclopsian; Sam Alexander; Jon Williams; James Cowgill; Ancor Cruz

Version 0.4.9 includes:

  • src/: improve overall stability, fixing potential crashes and memory leaks on invalid arguments (closes gh-216); improve library messages and reporting of system errors
  • tests/: major clean-up (closes gh-219), check return codes, increase code coverage
  • python/tests/: switch to pytest (closes gh-163), check emitted warnings
  • python/: add pages to manual with brief descriptions of classes

Special thanks to Guoxiang Niu (@niugx) for reporting the following vulnerabilities, fixed with this release:

  • CVE-2018-19800 prevent a possible buffer overflow in new_aubio_tempo
  • CVE-2018-19801 prevent a null-pointer dereference in new_aubio_filterbank
  • CVE-2018-19802 prevent a null-pointer dereference in new_aubio_onset

Also many thanks to @dvzrv, @romanbsd, @Bee-HN, @Lord-Kamina, and everyone who helped reporting the issues solved with this release.

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