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ropensci/rgbif: rgbif v1.2.0

Scott Chamberlain; Damiano Oldoni; Laurens Geffert; Peter Desmet; Vijay Barve; Karthik Ram; Dan McGlinn; steven2249; Jari Oksanen; Sriram; John Baumgartner; Ben Marwick


  • pkgdown documentation site (#336) (#337) all work done by @peterdesmet
  • package gains hex logo (#331) (#332) thanks @peterdesmet
  • big change to elevation() function: the Google Maps API requires a form of payment up front, and so we've decided to move away from the service. elevation() now uses the Geonames service; it does require you to register to get a username, but its a free service. Geonames has a few different data models for elevation and can be chosen in the elevation_model parameter (#344) (#345)
  • biggish change to occ_data()/occ_search() output: the data.frame in the data slot now always has the first column as the occurrence key (key), and the second column is now the scientific name (scientificName). the previously used name column still exists in the data.frame, so as not to break any user code, but is simply a duplicate of the scientificName column. in a future version of this package the name column will be dropped (#329)
  • README gains full list of code contributors and any folks involved in github issues (#339) (#343) thanks @peterdesmet
  • update pkg citation, include all authors (#338)
  • added more to occ_search()/occ_data()/occ_download() documentation on WKT (well-known text) with respect to winding order. GBIF requires counter-clockwise winding order; if you submit clockwise winding order WKT to occ_search() or occ_data() you should get data back but the WKT is treated as an exclusion, so returns data outside of that shape instead of within it; if you submit clockwise winding order WKT to occ_download() you will get no data back (#340)
  • fix bug in occ_download(), was failing in certain cases because of some bad code in an internal function catch_err() (#333)
  • occ_download() was not returning user name and email in it's print method (#334)
  • occ_issues() was failing with occ_data() or occ_search() input when type="many" (i.e., when > 1 thing was passed in) (#341)

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