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Evaluation of PV and QV based Voltage Stability Analyses in Converter Dominated Power Systems

Sewdien, Vinay; Preece, Robin; Rueda Torres, Jose; van der Meijden, Mart

PV and QV analyses have been widely used in industry. It has already been proven that these steady state methods can be used to assess power system's load ability from voltage stability perspective and that their use in terms of accuracy is justified when compared to time domain simulations. However, this prior validation was carried out for conventional synchronous generator dominated power systems. With increasing levels of power electronics interfaced generation (PEIG) being integrated in power systems, the accuracy of the PV and QV methods for these `green' power systems can be challenged. This paper investigates to what extend the use of these methods is justified when the power system faces a displacement of conventional generation with PEIG. To this end, assessments with the IEEE 9 bus system and full converter wind turbine generators have been performed in this study. It is shown that, when compared to time domain simulations, the traditional PV and QV analyses do not always accurately predict the saddle-node bifurcation point. Steady state PV analyses show inaccuracies between 1.8% and 16.8% (when compared to time domain simulations) in identification of the instability point. The mismatch between steady state and time domain QV analyses is between 6.1% and 22.9%. Based on the achieved results, QV analysis is shown to be typically less accurate than PV analysis for PEIG rich systems.

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