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Neotropical osmylids (Neuroptera, Osmylidae): Three new species of Isostenosmylus Krüger, 1913, new distributional records, redescriptions, checklist and key for the Neotropical species

Martins, Caleb Califre; Ardila-Camacho, Adrian; Aspöck, Ulrike

Martins, Caleb Califre, Ardila-Camacho, Adrian, Aspöck, Ulrike (2016): Neotropical osmylids (Neuroptera, Osmylidae): Three new species of Isostenosmylus Krüger, 1913, new distributional records, redescriptions, checklist and key for the Neotropical species. Zootaxa 4149 (1): 1-66, DOI:

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