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bids-standard/pybids: 0.7.1

Yarkoni, Tal; Markiewicz, Christopher J.; de la Vega, Alejandro; Gorgolewski, Krzysztof J.; Salo, Taylor; Halchenko, Yaroslav O.; McNamara, Quinten; DeStasio, Krista; Poline, Jean-Baptiste; Petrov, Dmitry; Hayot-Sasson, Valérie; Nielson, Dylan M.; Carlin, Johan; Kiar, Gregory; Whitaker, Kirstie; DuPre, Elizabeth; Wagner, Adina; Ivanov, Alexander; Tirrell, Lee S.; Jas, Mainak; Hanke, Michael; Poldrack, Russell; Esteban, Oscar; Appelhoff, Stefan; Holdgraf, Chris; Staden, Isla; Rokem, Ariel; Thirion, Bertrand; Kleinschmidt, Dave F.; Lee, John A.; Visconti di Oleggio Castello, Matteo; Notter, Michael Philipp; Roca, Pauline; Blair, Ross

Release Notes

This is a bug fix release in the 0.7 series. The primary API change is improved handling of Path objects.

  • FIX: Path validation (#342)
  • FIX: Ensure consistent entities at all levels (#326)
  • FIX: Edge case where a resampled column was too-long-by-one (#365)
  • FIX: Use BIDS metadata for TR over nii header (#357)
  • FIX: Add check for run_info to be a list, pass run_info in correct position. (#353)
  • FIX: If sampling_rate is 'auto', set to first rate of DenseRunVariables (#351)
  • FIX: Get the absolute path of the test data directory (#347)
  • FIX: Update reports to be 0.7-compatible (#341)
  • ENH: Rename sr variable to more intuitive interval (#366)
  • ENH: Support pathlib.Path and other str-castable types (#307)
  • MNT: Updates link to derivative config file in notebook (#344)
  • MNT: Add bids-validator dependency (#363)
  • MNT: Require pandas >= 0.23.0 (#348)
  • MNT: Bump grabbit version (#338)
  • CI: Ignore OSX Python 3.5 failures (#372)
  • CI: Build with Python 3.7 on Travis, deploy on 3.6 (#337)
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