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Database of movement behavior and EEG in virtual audiovisual everyday-life environments for hearing aid research

Hendrikse, Maartje M. E.; Llorach, Gerard; Hohmann, Volker; Grimm, Giso

This database contains movement behavior (head, eye, torso) and EEG signals of 21 young normal-hearing (11 male, 11 female, mean age 25 +/- 3.6 years) and 19 elderly normal-hearing subjects (9 male, 12 female, mean age 69 +/- 5.4 years) measured in virtual audiovisual listening environments in the laboratory. The virtual audiovisual environments that were used are: a living room, a lecture hall, a cafeteria, a street and a train station. The video and audio material for the environments is also available (see Related identifiers). The methods and an analysis of the movement behavior are described in Hendrikse et al. (2019). The supplementary materials to this paper that are published here include plots of the gaze trajectories of the subjects in all environments, plotted separately for the young and elderly subjects so that they can be compared, and histograms of the head-, eye- and torso-rotation for the environments that were not included in the paper.

Funding: DFG SFB 1330 project B1 and EU's H2020 research and innovation programme under the MSCA GA 675324.
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  • Hendrikse et al. (n.d.). "Movement and gaze behavior in virtual audiovisual everyday-life listening environments" submitted to Trends in Hearing.

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