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Antarex HPC Fault Dataset

Alessio Netti; Zeynep Kiziltan; Ozalp Babaoglu; Alina Sirbu; Andrea Bartolini; Andrea Borghesi

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  note         = {{The archive contains 4 directories, one for each 
                   block of the dataset - namely CPU/Memory and HDD,
                   in single-core and multi-core variants. In each of
                   these directories, you will find the following: a
                   7z archive containing the LDMS CSV files for each
                   of the 7 used plugins; FINJ workloads and
                   execution logs; the histograms for the durations
                   and inter-arrival times of fault tasks in PDF
                   format; launch scripts, if any. Source code for
                   all of the injected fault programs and additional
                   details can be found on the GitHub repository of
                   the FINJ tool.}},
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