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Psychophysiology of communication and its impact on human information processing and self-regulation: A case study in Ukraine.

Boltivets, Sergii & Relojo, Dennis

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  <dc:creator>Boltivets, Sergii &amp; Relojo, Dennis</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>The study presents the interdependence of education and health, the impact of education on students’ health, in particular the emergence of school neurosis, which was accompanied by motor breakdown, uncontrolled hyperactivity with attention deficit syndrome. The method and results of the medical-psychophysiological examination of a student on the device Nexus 10 are presented. The psych-physiological results of simulation of five laboratory-created mental states are given: the calmness of a student who relaxes without any cognitive tasks; reading a poem by the student by heart from the school curriculum; the solution of the cognitive task, which is a distinction and classification of seven images in colour and form (stress test, singing the song verse, singing a song with a positive visual and acoustic accompaniment.) The medical and psychological data obtained in the course of the tests testify to the need for a harmonious combination of three components of psychophysiological functioning in the students’ learning, which include the modes of silence, speech and singing; which include the efficiency and versatility, comfort and access for all children regardless of the actual level of intellectual development and health. The research covers the psychophysiological effects of the methodology, the results of medical-psychological examinations, comparison and analysis of equipment parameters of the five psychophysiological states of the student, the main of which is silence, speaking and singing.</dc:description>
  <dc:title>Psychophysiology of communication and its impact on human information processing and self-regulation: A case study in Ukraine.</dc:title>
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