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matplotlib/matplotlib: v2.0.0

Michael Droettboom; Thomas A Caswell; John Hunter; Eric Firing; Jens Hedegaard Nielsen; Benjamin Root; Phil Elson; Darren Dale; Jae-Joon Lee; Nelle Varoquaux; Jouni K. Seppänen; Damon McDougall; Ryan May; Andrew Straw; Elliott Sales de Andrade; Antony Lee; Tony S Yu; Eric Ma; Christoph Gohlke; Steven Silvester; Charlie Moad; Paul Hobson; Jan Schulz; Peter Würtz; Federico Ariza; Cimarron; Thomas Hisch; Nikita Kniazev; Adrien F. Vincent; Ian Thomas

Major release of Matplotlib

This release completely overhauls the default style of the plots.

Highlights include:

  • 'viridis' is default color map instead of jet.
  • Modernized the default color cycle.
  • Many more functions respect the color cycle.
  • Line dash patterns scale with linewidth.
  • Change default font to DejaVu, now supports most western. alphabets (including Greek, Cyrillic and latin with diacritcs), math symbols and emoji out of the box.
  • Faster text rendering.
  • Improved auto-limits.
  • Ticks out and only on the right and bottom spines by default.
  • Improved auto-ticking, particularly for log scales and dates.
  • Improved image support (imshow respects scales and eliminated a class of artifacts).
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