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OceanParcels/parcels: Parcels v2.0.0-beta: a Lagrangian Ocean Analysis tool for the petascale age

Erik van Sebille; Philippe Delandmeter; Michael Lange; Willi Rath; Joe Scutt Phillips; Simnator101; Joel Kronborg; Thomas-95; David Wichmann; nathanieltarshish; Raymond Edwards; Miriam Sterl; Shaun Walbridge; hart-davis; IsoldeGlissenaar; Guido Vettoretti; David A. Ham

This is the beta-release of Parcels v2. Compared to the last v1.1.1 release, there are three important changes

1) The order of arguments for Field interpolation has changed. This is now field[time, depth, lat, lon], which is consistent with the dimension order in which data is stored in the numpy array (#503 and #276).

2) The dt argument has been dropped from Kernel definitions, so that the only arguments allowed in a Kernel are def kernelfunc(fieldset, particle, time) (#503)

3) Interpolation for C-grids is now done in a fluxes framework, instead of a velocity framework. The details of this will be presented in a manuscript, to be submitted soon (#499 and #494)

Note that 1) and 2) above mean that Kernels written for Parcels v1 will break in this Parcels v2. If you're updating to this v2.0.0beta, therefore please update your custom Kernels.

Other updates since v1.1.1 are:

  • New FieldSet.from_xarray_dataset() method to directly read xarray.DataSet objects (#476)
  • An optional argument in to control which depth level to plot (#478)
  • ParticleSet.from_field() now also implemented for Curvilinear Fields (#496)
  • And numerous small bug fixes

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