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floodX Data Logger Images

Moy de Vitry, Matthew; Dicht, Simon; Leitao, Joao

This package contains archives of pictures taken of sensor displays in order to record measurements at a higher frequency than certain data loggers allowed. 
Some of the data is stored in multiple archive files that must be assembled during unpacking.

Files (18.3 GB)
Name Size
m1&m2&m3_h_p_endress_logi.tar.001 md5:6649e5d3d90b3759911974a25bf6fc50 4.7 GB Download
m1&m2&m3_h_p_endress_logi.tar.002 md5:b92f55dbd246375ee05aeae5a20f803e 4.7 GB Download
m1&m2&m3_h_p_endress_logi.tar.003 md5:0e6b7f0158e63a42e070b9530efeb38d 4.7 GB Download
m1&m2&m3_h_p_endress_logi.tar.004 md5:2a0bbff118acdfd4a6288b69f7e17e4d 3.8 GB Download
p1_q_mid_endress_logi.tar md5:3ec2ff011eb5e83cbf0f85462f207bc2 449.5 MB Download
README.txt md5:c09798f9ff4390a7ed5e96ec92199c85 4.0 kB Download


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