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SHTOOLS: Version 3.1

Mark Wieczorek; Matthias Meschede; Ilya Oshchepkov

This release of SHTOOLS adds improved documentation for all Fortran 95 and Python routines, fixes several bugs, adds new functionalities, and adds additional example scripts.

3.1 release notes:

  • Added OSX installation support via brew.

  • Added make install that copies files to /usr/local.

  • Reformatted all Fortran documentation files and rewrote the Python documentation and man pages.

  • Added the routines CilmMinus and CilmMinusRhoH, which are the counterparts to CilmPlus and CilmPlusRhoH.

  • Removed the following routines from the fortran documentation and Python wrappers: DhAj, NGLQ, NGLQSH, NGLQSHN.

  • Removed the following redundant routines from SHTOOLS: ComputeD0, SHMTVarOpt0, SHSjkPG0.

  • Renamed the routine PreCompute to SHGLQ.

  • Renamed the routine YilmIndex to YilmIndexVector.

  • Renamed the routine Hilm to BAtoHilm, and HilmRhoH to BAtoHilmRhoH.

  • Renamed the routine Wl to DownContFilterMA, and WlCurv toDownContFilterMC.

  • Added minimal support for three python classes: SHGrid, SHCoeffs, and SHWindow.These will be expanded upon in the next release.

  • Added the routine SHMTCouplingMatrix.

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