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Pomegranate Elixir in Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Mrs. R. Kavitha.; Dr. I. Clement; Mr. Karthikeya Prasath

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    "description": "<p>The Pomegranate is an unusual, seedy fruit with a tart, yet sweet &amp; sore taste, which admittedly, can take some getting used to it. It contains more artery-cleansing antioxidants as compared to red wine. It has a good medicinal property in all abound. Pomegranate fruit is not only rich in nutrients and has medicinal properties. The whole plant, i.e., roots, bark, leaves, stem, flowers and the fruit has good medicinal values. But it&rsquo;s worth in persevering with the pomegranate, because a glass of its juice or big bowl of its seeds can provide with more heart healthy,&nbsp;antioxidants than any other fruit juice in the world. From the ancients period the pomegranate is used for the infertility treatment as well to prevent the women with poly cystic ovarian syndrome by regulating periods regularly.</p>", 
    "language": "eng", 
    "title": "Pomegranate Elixir in Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)", 
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      "title": "Journal of Midwifery, Women Health and Gynaecological Nursing"
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    "keywords": [
      "Pomegranate, Medicinal fruit, Physical resemblance to a human female ovary, Poly cystic ovarian syndrome, Anti-oestrogenic properties."
    "publication_date": "2018-12-07", 
    "creators": [
        "affiliation": "Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gyneacological Nursing, Columbia College of Nursing, Bangalore, Karnataka, India", 
        "name": "Mrs. R. Kavitha."
        "affiliation": "Principal, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing, Columbia College of Nursing, Bangalore, Karnataka, India", 
        "name": "Dr. I. Clement"
        "affiliation": "Professor and HOD, Department of Medical Surgical Nursing, Columbia College of Nursing, Bangalore, Karnataka, India", 
        "name": "Mr. Karthikeya Prasath"
    "access_right": "open", 
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      "subtype": "article", 
      "type": "publication", 
      "title": "Journal article"
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