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Report for the proposed Research Data Shared Service on focus groups held between May and October 2016 and the metadata issues and requirements identified

Ferguson, Nicky

This work was commissioned as part of Jisc’s pilot Research Data Shared Service (RDSS).

The focus groups consisted of brief presentations, discussions, sometimes in small groups, and individual written feedback using various prompts. In some cases, if the institution preferred it, we conducted individual interviews covering the same ground as the focus groups.  The outputs from this work were use cases which appear as an appendix to this document.  The use cases were produced from all the participant activity in the focus group, some transcribed directly from hand written participant forms and some noted by us during the discussions and interviews.  Nine focus groups were held and participants came from 11 of the 12 RDSS pilot institutions and from CREST, a consortium of 22 smaller and/or specialist institutions, which is also part of the pilot.

The report is available in two formats (including one open format).

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