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A taxonomic review of the genus Parancistrocerus Bequaert (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Eumeninae) from the Indian subcontinent with the description of three new species

P. Girish Kumar; J. M. Carpenter; P. M. Sureshan

The potter wasp genus Parancistrocerus Bequaert, 1925, is reviewed from the Indian subcontinent. Three new species, namely, Parancistrocerus jaferpaloti Girish Kumar and Carpenter sp. n., P. loharbandensis Girish Kumar and Carpenter sp. n. and P. turensis Girish Kumar and Carpenter sp. n. are described. The species P. holzschuhi Gusenleitner, 1987, is recorded here for the first time from India. The male of P. vicinus Giordani Soika, 1994, is described. Parancistrocerus intermediatus (Sonan, 1939), P. nitobei (Sonan, 1939), P. kuraruensis (Sonan, 1939) and P. taikonus (Sonan, 1939) are new combinations. A key to species and subspecies from the Indian subcontinent and an updated checklist of Oriental species are also provided.

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