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A third species of the rare frog genus Holoaden (Terrarana, Strabomantidae) from a montane rainforest area of southeastern Brazil

Pombal, José P.; Siqueira, Carla C.; Dorigo, Thiago A.; Vrcibradic, Davor; Rocha, Carlos Frederico D.

Pombal, José P., Siqueira, Carla C., Dorigo, Thiago A., Vrcibradic, Davor, Rocha, Carlos Frederico D. (2008): A third species of the rare frog genus Holoaden (Terrarana, Strabomantidae) from a montane rainforest area of southeastern Brazil. Zootaxa 1938: 61-68, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.184994

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