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Small scale and large scale purification of full-length huntingtin Q17 and Q46 from mammalian expression system (2016/11/29)

Harding, Rachel; Seitova, Alma; Hutchinson, Ashley; Kochanek, Stefan; Toledo-Sherman, Leticia; Arrowsmith, Cheryl; Edwards, Aled

Huntingtin structure function open lab notebook project

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HEK293_HTT_Methods.pdf md5:fdd71e9fdbcb8df766c96ab930d821f2 226.7 kB Download
Small scale and large scale expression and purification of huntingtin protein in HEK293 mammalian expression system 20161129.docx md5:1222ab6285ebaf35c626b7cdd8ff6f54 742.4 kB Download


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