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Why Is Relevance Still the Basic Notion in Information Science? (Despite Great Advances in Information Technology)

Saračević, Tefko

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    "description": "<p>Relevance is a fundamental notion in information science. The aim of this<br />\npaper is to provide a perspective on two large questions, the first historical<br />\nthe second contemporary: (1) Why did relevance become a central notion of<br />\ninformation science? (2) In this day and age of huge advances in information<br />\ntechnology, why did relevance still remain a central notion? In the 1950s,<br />\nrelevance emerged as a central notion in information science because of extensive<br />\ntheoretical and practical concerns with and commitments to searching<br />\nand not only with organization of information. In turn, searching was connected<br />\nto and made possible by many innovations in computers and computing.<br />\nContemporary advances in information technology brought about great<br />\nmany changes. Search engines, social media, and a myriad of new information<br />\nresources emerged and transformed the world. Searching for information&nbsp;is used widely all over the globe by all kinds of populations and reasons.<br />\nHowever, searching is still based on relevance. Relevance was and still is a<br />\nfundamental notion related to searching and retrieval of information. Conclusions<br />\nemphasize that information technology and myriad applications are<br />\nchanging at an accelerated pace. However, no matter what, relevance is here<br />\nto stay. Relevance is timeless. Concerns about relevance will always be<br />\ntimely.</p>", 
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    "title": "Why Is Relevance Still the Basic Notion in Information Science? (Despite Great Advances in Information Technology)", 
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    "publication_date": "2015-05-26", 
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        "affiliation": "School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University", 
        "name": "Sara\u010devi\u0107, Tefko"
    "meeting": {
      "dates": "19th\u201321st May 2015", 
      "title": "Re:inventing Information Science in the Networked Society. Proceedings of the 14th International Symposium on Information Science", 
      "acronym": "ISI 2015", 
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      "session": "Keynotes", 
      "place": "Zadar, Croatia"
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