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A new species of the natricine snake genus Amphiesma from the Indochinese Region (Squamata: Colubridae: Natricinae)

David, Patrick; Bain, Raoul H.; Truong, Nguyen Quang; Orlov, Nikolai L.; Vogel, Gernot; Thanh, Vu Ngoc; Ziegler, Thomas

David, Patrick, Bain, Raoul H., Truong, Nguyen Quang, Orlov, Nikolai L., Vogel, Gernot, Thanh, Vu Ngoc, Ziegler, Thomas (2007): A new species of the natricine snake genus Amphiesma from the Indochinese Region (Squamata: Colubridae: Natricinae). Zootaxa 1462: 41-60, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.176453

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