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Flora of Amar Singh College Campus, Srinagar (Kashmir), India

Bhellum, B. L.

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            <foaf:name>Department of Botany, Govt. College for Women, Parade, Jammu-180 001, J &amp; K, India</foaf:name>
    <dct:title>Flora of Amar Singh College Campus, Srinagar (Kashmir), India</dct:title>
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    <dct:description>&lt;p&gt;As a conquence of exhaustive studies of the Campus Flora a total of 75 families were studied of these 265 species representing 171 genera and 64 families are dicotyledons and 50 species representing 38 genera belonging to 11 families are monocotyledons. The genus species ratio of the Campus Flora of Amar Singh College, Srinagar is 1: 1.5 which is very close to the Flora of British India which is 1: 1.7. This indicates the exhaustive present floristic study. &lt;em&gt;Euphorbia lathyris&lt;/em&gt; L. has been reported as a new record for the flora of India by the author (&lt;em&gt;Bhellum&lt;/em&gt; and Magotra 2001) another new record for the Flora of Jammu and Kashmir reported by the author (&lt;em&gt;Bhellum&lt;/em&gt; and Magotra 2008) and &lt;em&gt;Ornithogalum umbellatum&lt;/em&gt; L. recorded new for the Flora of Jammu and Kashmir State.&lt;/p&gt; &lt;p&gt;&lt;em&gt;Result&lt;/em&gt;: As many as 315 species representing 209 genera belonging to 75 families collected and identified from the Campus Amar Singh College, Srinagar. A total of 171 genera representing 265 species identified are dicotyledons and 50 species of 38 genera are monocotyledons. The main highlight of the Campus Flora are &lt;em&gt;Euphorbia lathyris&lt;/em&gt; L. new record for India and two  species viz. &lt;em&gt;Calystegia hederacea&lt;/em&gt; Wall. and &lt;em&gt;Ornithogalum umbellatum&lt;/em&gt; L. recorded new for the Flora of Jammu and Kashmir State.&lt;/p&gt; &lt;p&gt;&lt;em&gt;Conclusion&lt;/em&gt;: The ten dominant families in terms of number of species are Asteraceae, Poaceae, Brassicaceae, Fabaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Lamiaceae, Ranunculaceae, Cyperaceae, Euphorbiaceae, and Apiaceae. Number of families representing single species are 33. The ratio of genus to species is 1: 1.5 which is low because of small pocket of area of study and I: 1.7 for India.&lt;/p&gt;</dct:description>
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