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A Small Dataset of Jazz Guitar Licks for Automatic Transcription Experiments

Gorlow, Stanislaw; Ramona, Mathieu; Pachet, François

A dataset consisting of ten (mostly monophonic) jazz guitar licks that were performed by François Pachet and recorded at the Sony Computer Science Laboratory (CSL) in Paris.

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ex_01__44100_16_m.wav md5:739ae79c38638ca385bd47385dd27476 705.6 kB Download
ex_02__44100_16_m.wav md5:46f588a7ee35eaa176eb2fa5bcb310cc 970.2 kB Download
ex_03__44100_16_m.wav md5:38ea471d30baaa239661757d6a264fd1 441.0 kB Download
ex_04__44100_16_m.wav md5:bdae6be2893d99e657879ad19ff10eb6 793.8 kB Download
ex_05__44100_16_m.wav md5:dcf04452300b0c6e2847068fe59cf908 705.6 kB Download
ex_06__44100_16_m.wav md5:085229f8667b2b4b0a0a6b9a193f5551 837.9 kB Download
ex_07__44100_16_m.wav md5:55c8f23d83fe5202dd51e3e3c48b84e5 502.8 kB Download
ex_08__44100_16_m.wav md5:8a73d1e2b590bbd3856ba5db4481e804 352.8 kB Download
ex_09__44100_16_m.wav md5:50aea14ce717f6815f7eb46a92751883 661.5 kB Download
ex_10__44100_16_m.wav md5:daf9ffafeb2ca45054dc2a89038306a0 396.9 kB Download


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