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earth2observe/water-resource-reanalysis-v1: Revised Release

Schellekens, Jaap; Dutra, Emanuel; Balsamo, Gianpaulo; van Dijk, Albert; Sperna Weiland, Frederiek; Minvielle, Marie; Calvet, Christophe; Decharme, Bertrand; Eisner, Stephanie; Fink, Gabriel; Flörke, Martina; Peßenteiner, Stefanie; van Beek, Rens; Polcher, Jan; Beck Hylke; Martínez-de la Torre, Alberto; Orth, René; Calton. Ben; Burke, Sophia; Dorigo, Wouter; Weedon, Graham P.

The eartH2Observe  water resources reanalysis (WRR-tier1) multi model ensemble was produced by 8 project partners and 2 associate partners. The modelling systems include four land surface models, 5 global hydrological models and a simple water balance model and covers the period 1979 -- 2012. This  version of the WRR is based on the current modelling systems of each group forced with a state-of-the-art atmospheric reanalysis.  A description of the multi model ensemble can be found in earth2observe deliverable 5.1 and Schellekens et. al. (under discussion in essd).


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