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Eviota bilunula, a new dwarfgoby species from Fiji, with a redescription of Eviota flebilis (Teleostei: Gobiidae)

Greenfield, David W.; Suzuki, Toshiyuki

A new species of dwarfgoby, Eviota bilunula, is described from Fiji. The new species is distinguished by having the cephalic sensory-canal pore system lacking only the IT pore (pattern 2), a dorsal/anal fin-ray formula of 7/7 or 8/7; all pectoral-fin rays unbranched, a 5th pelvic-fin ray of moderate length, a narrow dark bar at the caudal-fin base, a red line extending down from under the eye to the jaws, five postanal ventral-midline spots, and two distinctive black crescent-shaped marks underneath the pectoral fin. The description is based on two specimens and a photograph of a third. The species is most similar to E. flebilis from Japan, which does not share the crescent-shaped marks. Eviota flebilis, previously known only from the holotype, is redescribed based on two additional specimens.

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