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Robust SOM Clustering

Perez, Joan; Fusco, Giovanni

This R script performs a combined SOM/SuperSOM clustering of the 640 administrative districs of India. Fowlkes-Mallows Similarity Index is used to identify robust initializations of the clustering. Data_India.txt is a specially conceived geographic database of 55 indicators, covering issues of economic activity, urban structure, socio-demographic development, consumption levels, infrastructure endowment and  basic geographical positioning within the Indian space. Data refer to 2011 or to 2001-2011 evolutions.

Robust SOM Clustering is part of the R-Geo-Soft Models Project.
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  • Perez J., 2015, Spatial Structures in India in the Age of Globalisation. A Data-Driven Approach, Phd in geography, University of Avignon (France)
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