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Binaural room impulse responses: Same listener-source-setup at different positions in the room

Neidhardt, Annika

To study the perception of room acoustics in dependency of the position in the room, measurements with KEMAR head-and-torso-simulator were conducted. The dummy head was placed at 5 different positions in a small conference room (10.3mx5.8mx3.1m, RT=0.65s). The source, a loudspeaker Genelec 1030A, was always positioned in the same relation to the listening position. BRIRs were measured with an azimuth-resolution of 5° from 0°-360°. This data allows a psychoacoustical comparison of the room acoustical properties at different positions in the room.

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  • Neidhardt, A., 2016, "Perception of reververation captured in a real room, depending on position and direction", 22nd Int. Congress on Acoustics, Buenos Aires, Argentina


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