Dataset Open Access

Binaural room impulse responses of a 5.0 surround setup for different listening positions

Wierstorf, Hagen

This dataset contains binaural room impulse responses (BRIRs) measured at nine
different listening positions for a 5.0 surround setup in the listening room
Calypso in the Telefunken building of Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin,
Germany. The room has a volume of 83 m³ and a reverberation time RT60 of 0.17 s
at a frequency of 1 kHz. The measurment was done with Genelec 8030A loudspeakers
and repeated for the central listening positon with the larger Genelec 8250A

"" contains additional information for the measurement,
"*.sofa" are the actual BRIRs, one file for every listening position, where the
position is indicated by the X*-Y*-values. The file
`KEMAR_Calypso_Surround.sofa` contains all listening positions in one file.
In order to work with those files you need a SOFA API for your programming
language. For example, the one for Matlab can be found here:

The BRIRs were with a head-orientation varying in the range of +-90° with 1°
resolution. Room shape and size, listener and sound source positions are shown
in `setup_calypso_surround_genelec8030A.pdf` and 

Directory "./photos" contains photographs of the measurement setup.

Copyright 2016 Hagen Wierstorf

Licensed under Creative Commons (CC-BY-4.0)

Files (4.9 GB)
Name Size
1_KEMAR_Calypso_Surround_X-1.0m_Y+0.5m.sofa md5:b2abe1766dd81f024dd8551eb7b54699 256.6 MB Download
2_KEMAR_Calypso_Surround_X-0.5m_Y+0.5m.sofa md5:71bbc2756b68e56ecfe24a50c21a1557 258.2 MB Download
3_KEMAR_Calypso_Surround_X+0.0m_Y+0.5m.sofa md5:4341a3f7cf9e7443f5822ef6e292f254 254.7 MB Download
4_KEMAR_Calypso_Surround_X-1.0m_Y+0.0m.sofa md5:d271efb2dab82c035b48a2277a0ff5e0 254.9 MB Download
5_KEMAR_Calypso_Surround_X-0.5m_Y+0.0m.sofa md5:0f7c7adbf50338c48595e0c93ec13fbb 256.3 MB Download
6_KEMAR_Calypso_Surround_X+0.0m_Y+0.0m.sofa md5:d3dcbc94e41db05c1d5f93534ce56aac 258.9 MB Download
7_KEMAR_Calypso_Surround_X-1.0m_Y-0.5m.sofa md5:d6bc7031c7a35d963d475c92b29958c5 261.5 MB Download
8_KEMAR_Calypso_Surround_X-0.5m_Y-0.5m.sofa md5:a6f2b90bd163fa5cd625ef8e6999ea3c 259.7 MB Download
9_KEMAR_Calypso_Surround_X+0.0m_Y-0.5m.sofa md5:b41417f5c5a928a4af82934fe921f2eb 257.8 MB Download md5:859cbfb542ba24d94d9473426b610819 25.0 MB Download
KEMAR_Calypso_Surround.sofa md5:57a3266494d272a0d0ad0bdf3fbb081d 2.3 GB Download
KEMAR_Calypso_Surround_Large_X+0.0m_Y+0.0m.sofa md5:ac2bb558b0a84600f2ea58268d86938e 256.6 MB Download


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