Dataset Open Access

Further analysis by ContentMine of OA Papers Returned by Querying EuropePMC with 'zika'

Thomas Arrow

Facts and metadata extracted from papers returned from querying EuropePMC with the phrase 'zika' using the ContentMine Cambridge pipeline. With dictionaries available at Query and dictionaries used as of 2016-09-19.

This dataset contains metadata and facts from 524 papers. A large number of the terms in the dictionaries used now contain wikidata IDs.

Canary Version: 2ab2e9e7d95c2d6f81636739f383e52543befeff

Dictionaries Version: 2498cf1bae660ae44437bcba388ef8436cc8554c

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open-zika-wiki-facts-2016-09-19.json md5:9fc5d37645b972e7cd1cec74e1af9ee6 11.9 MB Download
open-zika-wiki-metadata-2016-09-19.json md5:bc3d01ba6c8d2ea54f9b83591634359c 2.6 MB Download


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