DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.15107 Measurable Equivalence Principle violation obtains from diasterotopic interaction with spacetime torsion vacuum chiral background (Einstein-Cartan-Kibble-Sciama gravitation). Geometric Eötvös experiments oppose single crystal test masses in enantiomorphic space groups: <I>P</I>3<SUB>1</SUB>21 versus <I>P</I>3<SUB>2</SUB>21 alpha-quartz or <I>P</I>3<SUB>1</SUB> versus <I>P</I>3<SUB>2</SUB> gamma-glycine, Eötvös balance

A rigid cage, high rotational symmetry (oblate rotor), volatile, chiral molecule is 1:1 enantiomers (opposite shoes). Helium entrain, vacuum supersonic expand into a ~1 kelvin rotational temperature molecular beam, chirped pulse Fourier transform microwave spectrometer (or infrared or Raman in kind). Isotropic vacuum delivers degenerate rotational spectra. Vacuum chiral background (left foot) delivers distinguishable rotational spectra (opposite shoes' difference of fit energy). Dipole moment for microwave and infrared transitions. No dipole moment for Raman quadrupole transitions.

<I><B>D</B></I><SUB>3</SUB>-trishomocubane is efficiently synthesized (DOI: 10.2174/138527212804004508), pentacyclo[<SUP>2,6</SUP>.0<SUP>3,10</SUP>.0<SUP>5,9</SUP>]undecane. Hydrocarbon stereogram, numbering, CIP notation One <I>C</I><SUB>3</SUB> plus three <I>C</I><SUB>2</SUB> rotation axes define three unique skeletal positions: [4,7,11; achiral], [2,9; un-nameable chirality], [1,8,6,5,3,10; <I>R</I>-configuration here]. Derivatives' synthesis

Convert 5×10<SUP>-14</SUP> difference/average Eötvös experiment threshold sensitivity to its energy mass-equivalent, then to molecular enantiomers' rotational temperature divergence.

(Δmc<SUP>2</SUP>)(molar mass)/(molecules/mole)(Boltzmann's constant) = temperature (4.49378 J/g)(molar mass)/(6.02214×10<SUP>23</SUP>/mole)(1.38065×10<SUP>-23</SUP> J/kelvin) (0.540478)(molar mass) = kelvins (0.540478)(148.202 g/mol) = 80 kelvins divergence, 4-oxa-<I><B>D</B></I><SUB>3</SUB>-trishomocubane (microwave, IR) (0.540478)(188.179 g/mol) = 101 kelvins divergence,<I><B>D</B></I><SUB>3</SUB>-trishomocuban-4,7,11-trione (Raman)

Measurably violate the Equivalence Principle at will, sourcing empirical failures of quantum gravitation theories.