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Agora: A proposal to overcome the limitations of the current knowledge creation process


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  "description": "<p>Agora: A proposal to overcome the limitations of the current knowledge creation process<br />\n=======================================================================================</p>\n\n<p>By Scientistsfive<br />\n(</p>\n\n<p>Abstract: The knowledge creation process is broken and can be improved by a combination of currently emerging tools.</p>\n\n<p>The rationale for this proposal is the notion that the current scientific process is not optimal:</p>\n\n<p>* Artificially staged competitions (grants, publications, theses):<br />\n1. &lsquo;system gamers&rsquo; are supported, not real scientists<br />\n2. do require lots of otherwise wasted efforts<br />\n3. the selecting quality of committees and peers is questionable<br />\n4. the average mean is supported, not the outliers that are good for the advancement of science<br />\n5. wrong cultures emerged and continue to exist<br />\n6. creative monopolies are destroyed</p>\n\n<p>* The publication and communication system is outdated:<br />\n1. only the tip of the iceberg of research projects is visible to the public<br />\n2. negative results are not being published<br />\n3. raw data is not being published<br />\n4. gate-keepers prevent access<br />\n5. results are being published late</p>\n\n<p>* Incentives are wrongly set:<br />\n1. bringing up faked, but buzzy results counts<br />\n2. being honest does not count<br />\n3. revolutionisers and innovators are blocked<br />\n4. it does not pay risking novel approaches</p>\n\n<p>* The patent system is broken:<br />\npatents are not used anymore to incentivise innovators to publish ideas and innovations (to patent - from latin: to lay open)<br />\n1. it is a self-sustaining effort and money generating system<br />\n2. is used by companies to fight<br />\n3. it is used to increase the entrance barrier for competitors</p>\n\n<p>* It takes a very long time for innovators to be recognised and to be appreciated - and it might not pay</p>\n\n<p>* A huge overhead of<br />\nadministration exists<br />\n&lsquo;protective&rsquo; measures (animal, workforce, environment etc) grew that are self-sustaining and failing their initial noble aim</p>\n\n<p>* The existence of intrinsically motivated scientists and the explorer nature of humans are ignored</p>\n\n<p>&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;&mdash;</p>\n\n<p>Most scientists will agree on the above mentioned statements and wish for a change. Still many will argue, that this is a very negative interpretation of an obviously working knowledge creation process (&lsquo;we have been to the moon&rsquo;). Digging too deep into this discussion, one ends up to ask what is best for humanity - the discussion will become very philosophical and cannot be finally solved, therefore - I will stick with the procedural impression that there is a better way to create new knowledge. And by doing so, I ll&nbsp; be able to continue with this proposal:</p>\n\n<p>Acknowledging the fact that a system change will need to set incentives immediately right and given the size of the required changes, only a &lsquo;new kid on the block&rsquo; will be able to achieve such a megalithic aim. The name for this concept could be Agora - the marketplace in the greek cities - known as the birthplace of democracy.</p>\n\n<p>To improve the knowledge creation process, the Agora system needs to achieve following goals:</p>\n\n<p>1. Being decentralised, be &lsquo;just there&rsquo;, under self control, no single point of failure<br />\n2. Provide the right incentives<br />\ntowards providing truth<br />\ntowards being open<br />\ntowards sharing<br />\n3. Support innovators and outliers<br />\n4. Support discourse, open-mindedness<br />\n5. Reduce unnecessary &lsquo;overhead&rsquo; workload<br />\n6. Provide innovators with the freedom to do what they think is good and if it is good<br />\n7. incentives them strongly and early<br />\n8. Provide a neatless integration into the current system<br />\n9. Allow the support of basic science as well as applied sciences</p>\n\n<p>Solution:</p>\n\n<p>The solution Agora will consist of an ideal combination of tools that are currently emerging in different facets and different fields, the concepts are overlapping and names are not precise:</p>\n\n<p>1. Blockchain decentralized databases (e.g. bitcoins)<br />\n2. Trust and value networks (e.g. Ripples, Ethereum)<br />\n3. Web 2.0 tools for scientists (social networks, open access publications, dynamic publications (e.g. GitHub), data repositories, wikis, blogs)<br />\n4. Cryptocurrencies<br />\n5. Cryptography (hashing, signing, etc.)<br />\n6. Future markets (betting)<br />\n7. Crowdfunding<br />\n8. Anonymous publications, multiple online identities, &hellip;<br />\n9. Whistle blowing platforms</p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p><br />\nPersonal remarks:</p>\n\n<p>* Past already told us many times that all big things looked a bit weird in their beginnings - future will tell. The problem is to find the right time point in the future to look back and to decide :)<br />\n* Obviously this proposal is lacking concrete implementation steps - but, lets appreciate its value: for the first time, these mentioned concepts were interpreted as a potential solution to faults in the knowledge creation process. Its implementation and defining &lsquo;ideal&rsquo; is certainly a far road to march &hellip;<br />\n&lsquo;implementations of ideas&rsquo; should be honoured - but without ideas there is no implementation &hellip;<br />\n* We will continue to work on ideas for implementation and to publish this proposal in more accessible (and currently appreciated) ways and so on &hellip;<br />\nFurthermore, since this proposal is very vague it will not be used in the future to claim inventor ship of any real implementation of any of these tools. &lsquo;Inventorship&rsquo; in the current sense so...</p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p>-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----</p>\n\n<p>mQINBFTZaBgBEADUkG6nzCXQvv+PkmeUG2wyHkB8o9YSMYYj9G4JpgCxdto2IGCE<br />\n/mMrQ4wDJh60nHsoK8Ap9Vl8YhTD5WJm71TOkUwQMHAXH+xAPcDHjRwqZCI3ss9q<br />\nw/mypNhI+jLmiVf8ARsMMuRYw++7IP02dmMUFrL4DSonu62zdRSqH6WQF4ayLCb+<br />\ntGiWH1JmWmKjF27ac8CGCkEqTv5KiuvY0FinyLJBbXKeR7cbAA/LOQYPlpaQksBL<br />\n9syrvHZKeAJnJRqYhrbknGuquSxq6OKRzwnP0mxm0lglbqRi+EOtzh8eDV/5RRnr<br />\nstapxg8fAiJ2lUFKU/d/yzqCo8v9BhupQ+WKWljwKRraxshBtk+Mg0xd4qyowUYn<br />\na9GsP2rljqnjmcbMu4JAZtpy84oaAUHGyuS3tA79aDM9PKcmRdGRi3JxmqPjujkI<br />\nphncJb8Rkix6DCGSiU9m3fZuf1ZABJgiQ02ANDC4ZPbFUHO/9YJdTonEIUCdMGGT<br />\nPIpvLdoUlprvAWChB+Mrccspl7709AigEKhbJkDcjYR940KHVnDS5cY97/OMrbtM<br />\nrRvM0SD708+9FoS6kAiGxMoTC00NvZlkiWcaFak8BAUQ1JW6zHnNUajoaXoqBba+<br />\nqvDESvioyksf2R0aGv4NFxWfLaNUTELKIpuvlhAp/AwWTQS+zraAXef47QARAQAB<br />\ntCtTY2llbnRpc3RzRml2ZSA8c2NpZW50aXN0c2ZpdmVAbWFpbGJveC5vcmc+iQI3<br />\nBBMBCgAhBQJU2WgYAhsDBQsJCAcDBRUKCQgLBRYCAwEAAh4BAheAAAoJED7VL90g<br />\nO+NBDZQP/Rk5P1K3N1D8t7uySAo6BzoM/np5qVMJWtPhoE5d6OmmJdJ8dV1LzeRd<br />\niE3a+kKCHBkuYjrgFlOXBsDEqrftxzZlVAfPFI2TBigCBgxwXoroHlAhdVHBuUfI<br />\nKnYczLL/A7vs0q/fOJAcTvJpmPwmxZaHavKaK7o/T9A+L8r2V+PFkNRw4RA3UjqY<br />\nW1+Drf5LzUKEGJ+iUox+MbDYTDVHIjsoQLMDM2Y+gszS77MZDx0FVWA9dAf3MT7O<br />\nhAM9Db4KvmeKxchdFae589BUnw+686EV4f68mPaN+3jxGk9OOZ4JkksYL6gCsK1x<br />\nXz6oV40PC6sU/dVMeP6oGJPArywpDJnJcm0ub91lGm81JhVp0GP8rgbq9sy/9wr6<br />\n2lMsN07TMaNAT28K05Dc4Rq6rZY5PHCmeBmgdUjopRXFoTpOwbTqaZRalggNH8j2<br />\nERJnFtT5bmS+Ers3phSDbctiMQjsL6YFpESSnZwNmU8W1UQ4GAkku3ZQUVyv3l8D<br />\nzXvFydMi82ozd/6OPJ5HnwWNNkyJ7mxPzp+5uDy3So/dJpHOTwQGFltJO86GKTvK<br />\nm4iGuKC+n7qUMWpFJVKdB3Nw88xuPyrj4WrOuSPWNKkkFXBdeCoMWCeZv2gp5l9p<br />\nAhwBkx9Xg7lb4N7elogF7hgkxqeKNehAtj5J3fLMGBkkLZ3NN84MuQINBFTZaBgB<br />\nEAC6da2v+OnwRpJCQoS3FNEHgPleLDacuMsbXyMIRbr/1Kuv4REdItbu4BfDamGb<br />\nIOoBY+4ZF8fGNl/f75U/kJfdiIUihVRH+Z2WxOcpHjea1rMRAe4UjScd5l8NHPPk<br />\nOyFfZ2dilHAN4U+aXFIeOXGm0jguU0KV+73grzhbPh0QV2XQEqumJO5TzKgMu/vh<br />\nB84sWa4IOhMVdJr22UcV4ZKry/2GtuOZONlgkRcWrZRM3+fyjKrm1WbpRtSIG42y<br />\n2JTx1QMP+ZTYTiInKQKEDsbX1R8/aOaNts5pGPgSBCCtKbFOMug32J0rBsLvSd2a<br />\n0QqWpF450Cy/akWb78XUOkv546rSukK76JyznA67IgWwGoixCD8xXp2bf8QLpNBZ<br />\nbM10xeJQuVSNMOsTYg6LXeO+fqBbb/u3CO4XfiMcAmAim3ya4uDprifRvP0RSHJ4<br />\n8zU0L8xcPFHNASSYhgTTtUy75xSN1raYhcUSc492tPGE9PVa1MGrkQkzPf/U8FyB<br />\nga0/RJ01SH5XaT/qKFvUZxZkZItPChsC7Pjd/JJOmxzCI5nNJYNQ3yjhHlMHrsOU<br />\n5QtyatUV3oLl0kMn5WNPhyHx0HGlu9mEAcCl0qOxD/ZELQcZKNbhOMQL8I1xyHOs<br />\nlbds06HpZC99u/f9LWOyHy+6tWLnKlzcPd3Z8UBukjjd6wARAQABiQIfBBgBCgAJ<br />\nBQJU2WgYAhsMAAoJED7VL90gO+NBfgoQAJP4WRgx6C1ezFgjzU6qDH71rXM1yUuv<br />\ni2KyT56bjG+ngkE6BBe8Dp/ac/GX2MhwUM81VJ3X2XWDvhSKcMvDiQX40l9QB4Kk<br />\n0sCd3sQ/J3QY2WJ4lC87IuXEGZFpisV773XbxN6eOP5oVnQBNLrAf1eTRqlP9yNv<br />\n5vNwfwYEyeja5FOc3+jxRBNjf5LK55/pGDwxIQzHD+6feo6LiwOBYB9YRvxmPBqI<br />\nkHmQbJk9f3H0IbqeFAAN+W9TASOHk1DHDV8/JT33IoYVIOP2/Y692VGS98kgwPO8<br />\n/ZaHw9wLdHmFOE3iXdS+W/ACYxmoHvR0f03sz407jz1VOV7CV7heUI3H3mwiXJfz<br />\nyWfLklDLLN4E+Wq1+6cCoN2uWP1X25JQ9ZXDt3My7hVM9lUrrnP9ByDR3P2f9emg<br />\naYcFZoHTZ/ZMqhKtARXlgDU6jOEvSc6QVv8MOs/ecHC7qSY6fbg1My6uX/wN2ZT2<br />\nUUM7puAUU49g5MMWqPES3//TjTTichx1seDPr6RxHMFIcHXO58vlwdS8/QSooRbo<br />\nYgxxw5x8vXvjeTmwBhXdYRW5c3eM7G1CulytLi7dHaqoKQuHPuwwTXLIB0fEbIYe<br />\nCWuke6LOCqA+ti9btL55Mu6s5le7YceTg6l33xRfwYDYcIL+5/zRI56tkov6CBsF<br />\n8T6vMMwfzHcC<br />\n=vt+I<br />\n-----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----</p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>", 
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      "name": "ScientistFive"
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  "datePublished": "2015-02-10", 
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    "Knowldege creation process, novel tools, cryptography, future markets, dynamic publications"
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  "name": "Agora: A proposal to overcome the limitations of the current knowledge creation process"
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