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Comparative Study of the Solar Wind: Modeling Charge State Distributions in the Heliosphere

Dupont, Marcus

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  "description": "<p>Non-equilibrium ionization (NEI) is a key process often times ignored when modeling astrophysical&nbsp;plasmas whose thermodynamical timescales are much shorter than the timescales for ionization&nbsp;and recombination. In this paper, we use magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) models alongside numerical NEI simulations to calculate synthetic charge state distributions during the Whole Sun&nbsp;Month interval (CR)-1913 (1996, 22 August to 1996, 18 September), and compare them with in-situ measurements made with the Ulysses Solar Wind Ion Spectrometer Composition (SWICS)&nbsp;instrument. The key ndings of our analysis have: (1) shown that the solar wind speeds at 20 R<sub>s</sub>&nbsp;calculated by the <em>Magnetohydrodynamics Around a Sphere</em> (MAS) model were not in agreement&nbsp;with the Ulysses observations; (2) measured the &quot;freeze-in&quot;&nbsp;distance for each ion observed by the&nbsp;SWICS instrument to determine a possible correlation between when the ionization states become fixed and their expansion into the solar wind; (3) shown how di erent charge state densities and&nbsp;abundance ratios compared with observation.</p>", 
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      "name": "Dupont, Marcus"
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  "datePublished": "2018-11-13", 
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    "Solar Wind"
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  "name": "Comparative Study of the Solar Wind: Modeling Charge State Distributions in the Heliosphere"
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