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Where's That Flare: A Comprehensive Hard X-Ray Solar Flare Catalog

Merhi, Maya

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  "description": "<p>We have created a hard x-ray solar flare catalog using short channel wavelength&nbsp;bands of 0.5 to 4 &Aring; from NOAA&rsquo;s Geostationary Operational Environmental&nbsp;Satellites (GOES) X-Ray Sensor (XRS) data for 2003 to 2018.&nbsp;The Where&rsquo;s That Flare (WTF) catalog was developed using an automated&nbsp;algorithm designed to use changes in the derivative of the hard X-ray flux to&nbsp;identify flares. Intended to provide a complete archive of all hard X-ray solar&nbsp;flare events in GOES XRS data, the WTF catalog (novelly for the hard Xray)&nbsp;distinguishes between &quot;simple&quot; single peak flare events and &quot;complex&quot;&nbsp;multi-peak flare events and is sensitive to small flares near the background&nbsp;level. To account for the varying background level of the hard X-ray flux,&nbsp;the detection algorithm dynamically adapts to the local background to detect&nbsp;flares of all sizes and complexities. A statistical analysis of flare characteristics&nbsp;was performed on the WTF catalog investigating correlations between&nbsp;total energy, flare duration, peak flux, peak time, rise time, decay time, as&nbsp;well as characteristics of complex events such as number of peaks per complex&nbsp;event. Frequency distributions of total energy, flare duration, and number&nbsp;of peaks per complex event were also investigated and fit with power laws&nbsp;where applicable.</p>", 
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      "affiliation": "Lycoming College", 
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      "name": "Merhi, Maya"
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  "datePublished": "2018-11-13", 
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    "Solar flares", 
    "X-ray flares"
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  "@type": "PresentationDigitalDocument", 
  "name": "Where's That Flare: A Comprehensive Hard X-Ray Solar Flare Catalog"
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