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Determination And Evaluation Of Structural Remaining Substance Of Asphalt Roads - Asphalt Analysis

Sebastian Lipke

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    "description": "<p>Especially in Germany in the future road construction will be shaped less by the new construction but rather through<br>\nthe maintenance and renewal. Because the existing road substance is used up in growing ever stronger and quicker<br>\nmeasure. With reference to the steadily rising traffic load and for a qualified maintenance planning the knowledge of<br>\nthe real structural condition of an asphalt pavement gets more and more important. The present paper presents an<br>\napproach that forecasts the remaining service life of an asphalt pavement on the basis of asphalt parameters<br>\ndetermined by laboratory tests. Therefore asphalt samples were taken from existing asphalt pavements which are<br>\nalready bearing many years of traffic load and their specific asphalt properties such as stiffness and fatigue<br>\nresistance were determined by tests. The asphalt material properties of an asphalt road for several cross-sections (all<br>\nrequired cores about a length of 10m) and several sections (required cores with a distance between 100m and 150m<br>\nto each other) are determined and evaluated. Likewise, the volumetric properties of the asphalts and the material<br>\nproperties from the individual components in the asphalt mix are considered in the analysis and evaluation. With<br>\nthese results of the asphalt studies in the laboratory together with a forecasting method based on the analytical<br>\ndesign of asphalt pavements the possibility exists to give statements to the expected remaining service life of asphalt<br>\npavements.</p>", 
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    "title": "Determination And Evaluation Of Structural Remaining Substance Of Asphalt Roads - Asphalt Analysis", 
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      "Remaining Substance; asphalt pavement; asphalt properties (stiffness, fatigue); analytical design"
    "publication_date": "2018-04-16", 
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        "name": "Sebastian Lipke"
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      "acronym": "TRA2018", 
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      "dates": "16-19 April 2018", 
      "place": "Vienna", 
      "title": "7th Transport Research Arena TRA 2018 (TRA 2018)"
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